Meet the Team


Heyo! I’m Monica, lucky wife to my high school sweetheart and care-giver to two dogs and 35 house plants.  We’ve planted roots in our favorite city of all time, Fort Worth, and we’re obsessed with it’s eclectic culture. Always a good time to be found around here.

 I love long walks on the beach, answering emails from my hammock chair, putting my cold hands and feet all over my husband once he’s warm in bed, and pretending caffeine doesn’t bother me. 

Birth is incredible. It’s humanity in it’s most raw form and it encompasses the truest of emotions. There is no lack of vulnerability at birth and to be let in to such an intimate, sacred space still blows my mind. It’s the beginning of this incredible season with new life while simultaneously saying goodbye to everything as it was. It’s courage and fear and joy. Oh, the joy! It’s a dream to do this and besides my family and close friends, this experience brings me the deepest gratitude I’ve ever felt.

C L A I R E  J A C K S O N


Hi y’all, it’s Claire. Mama to one seriously silly, gentle hearted, long haired toddler boy, Rawley Jackson (don’t forget the seven chickens, one beast and way too many plants to count). Also wife to a smokin’ hot, awfully intelligent and the most fantastic dad Steven. Really, he’s the bees knees.

I’m a canvas loving machine, wanna-be farmer (so close), and crunchier than my husband would like to admit. Don’t challenge me to any DIY projects — I will accept with open arms. If you’re curious as to where I’ll be during nap time, I’ll be patio sitting, espresso sipping, and secondhand searching. Come on over! It’s a real party.

Angles. Angles are my happy place. I am passionate about the raw, simplistic angle that birth storytelling gets to show (no guys — I won’t get that angle). Birth is more than just a day. It’s someone’s day. Your babe’s day. A time that should be remembered and cherished from a pure, real place. There is nothing more beautiful than a parent duo welcoming a tiny human into this world. And there isn’t another thing I’d rather be a part of.

So. You Mama, you go. I support you. I see you and I can’t wait to watch you shine.

J I L L I A N  Z A M O R A


Hi, my name is Jillian and if you follow me on Instagram, you’ll find out real quick that I’m more than a little obsessed with my sweet painter husband, James and our darling baby girl, Juniper Clementine. (Don’t tell me she’s not longer a baby now that she’s almost two — SHE’S STILL A BABY!) We live in Denton and if I have it my way, we’ll stay here forever.

I really don’t think there’s much else more miraculous in the world than birth and I hold it so near and dear to my heart to be invited in to such a sacred time in the life of a family to document it.