There are no second chances to capture those moments. They are fleeting and monumental. For this reason I feel that Monica is one of the best investments I could ever make. After my midwife, she will be the first person I hire to be there at the birth of any future Stiller babies.

— Stiller Family

When I went into labor and I met her in our hospital room, she was so sweet and warm and everyone fell in love with her! It felt so good to not have to worry about taking one photograph and just be in the moment and take it all in. My photos are gorgeous and treasured.

— Copeland Family

So many “firsts” are happening that you never want to forget. Monica captured every single one of these precious moments, let my husband focus on me and the excitement of our new baby, and I never even knew she was in the room! She was a joy to work with and gave us a gift that is absolutely irreplaceable. Worth every penny.

— Schneider Family

I’ve never been one to think birth is all that “beautiful.” But I will say it’s pretty darn amazing. Monica was more than I could have hoped for. I regret quite a few big ticket baby-things I’ve spent money on, but I do not regret a single penny spent on hiring A Sacred Project.

— Krause Family