Monica Burkett


Heyo! I’m Monica, lucky wife to my high school sweetheart and care-giver to a little beagle and 35 house plants.  We’ve planted roots in our favorite city of all time, Fort Worth, and we’re obsessed with it’s eclectic culture. Always a good time to be found around here.

I love long walks on the beach, answering emails from my hammock chair, putting my cold hands and feet all over my husband once he’s warm in bed, and pretending caffeine doesn’t bother me.

I don’t love birth because I’m a kid or baby person, although man have they grown on me. I also don’t put myself into any type of activist stance when it comes to how families decide to bring their babies into the world — as long as women feel empowered, supported, and grateful for their experience, that’s all that matters. I love watching motherhood evolve in the newbies and seasoned women alike, but that’s still not what comes to mind the hours I’m shooting and going through footage.

It’s humanity.

Birth is vulnerable. Birth is pure. Birth is the height of every basic and wonderful and terrifying emotion we were meant to feel with no way out. Birth changes and challenges. Epidural or not, birth teaches to lean full on into pain and discomfort because by design, that’s what brings joy and triumph. I get to tell incredible stories of strength, overcoming, belief, perseverance, patience, and joy — all things I want flowing through my veins as I try my best to create this gift for families.

It’s a dream to do this. Out of all the sweetness life has to offer, these experiences bring me some of the deepest gratitude I’ve ever felt.



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