C L A I R E  J A C K S O N



Hi y’all, it’s Claire. Mama to one seriously silly, gentle hearted, long haired toddler boy, Rawley Jackson (don’t forget the seven chickens, one beast and way too many plants to count). Also wife to a smokin’ hot, awfully intelligent and the most fantastic dad Steven. Really, he’s the bees knees.

I’m a canvas loving machine, wanna-be farmer (so close), and crunchier than my husband would like to admit. Don’t challenge me to any DIY projects — I will accept with open arms. If you’re curious as to where I’ll be during nap time, I’ll be patio sitting, espresso sipping, and secondhand searching. Come on over! It’s a real party.

Angles. Angles are my happy place. I am passionate about the raw, simplistic angle that birth storytelling gets to show (no guys — I won’t get that angle). Birth is more than just a day. It’s someone’s day. Your babe’s day. A time that should be remembered and cherished from a pure, real place. There is nothing more beautiful than a parent duo welcoming a tiny human into this world. And there isn’t another thing I’d rather be a part of.

So. You Mama, you go. I support you. I see you and I can’t wait to watch you shine.



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