I’ve always heard that baby boys are more stubborn when it comes to labor & delivery (and let’s be real, lots of moments after that too) – they just want to hang on to mama a little bit longer. What’s funny is so many little guys have proved that to me, including little Nikolai.

The Sulkov house was full of the warmth of a gentle, laboring mama. Through every contraction, every position, ever laugh and cry, Shara was just amazing. The equal balance of laughter and comfort coming from her other half along with her kind and attentive birth team was just the perfect recipe for her little guy’s birth day.

Some concerning heart-rate issues and the fact that Shara’s body was exhausted and not contracting as much as it should led to a transport to the hospital close to their home. By God’s good grace, the nursing staff was so respectful of their family’s birth plan and did everything in their power to encourage that outcome. During the time it took to discuss and prepare for other birth options, Nikolai was born naturally into his mamas arms.