There are some families who I feel, selfishly, should never stop having babies. Their births are a beautiful kind of intense, full of joy and surprises, and saying it’s an event full of love feels like an understatement.

I was lucky enough to be at big brother’s arrival a couple of years ago and have, honestly, been waiting by the computer for an “I’m preggo again!” email ever since. Last go around, both big brothers were certain he was to be a girl and the belly hereby officially named Marlow. Much to everyone’s surprise though, Marlow ended up being Colt and while all was happy and well, the masses still were routing for a Still baby girl – at least, I totally was.

Oh the tears that flowed the moment we found out this little one was THE Marlow. It was fantastic. I feel sometimes that my job is little in the grand scheme of things but it’s taking part in moments like these, with families I love, that makes all the difference.