Having a back-up photographer is amazing for so many reasons, one of those being that I can take an off-call, out of state vacation and still know that my families are getting the highest quality photos & video from one of the greatest and most talented gals I know. This was my first year to make that leap and vacations are a THOUSAND times more enjoyable when you’re not having to look at your phone.

When me and Jashley (my sweet back-up gal pal) met Amy and her two other kiddos, we could not stop talking about how wonderful and lovely it was going to be to work with their family. It was a huge weight off my shoulders to have someone I knew and could trust with my clients but I was going to be super bummed to miss this fantastic birth experience.

Low and behold, I struck gold after returning from vacay and making the switch from mountain girl back to birth photographer. Climbing mountains on Monday and welcoming babies on Friday – this life I live, I tell ya.

The night was sweet, simple, and full of the magic of a smooth and glorious birth.