Without fail, I book a trip to Disney and one of my favorite mamas sends me the “Hey! Baby #2!” message. Though, my plane does leave a week after her due date and positive thoughts and we’ll be just fine.


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – thank the good Lord in heaven for amazing back up. When days went by with no sign of baby, I turned the reigns over to my talented pal Jashley and prepped for a few days at the happiest place on earth. Woke up early on October 8th to finish packing (last minute, duh) and awaiting me on my phone was a text saying – of course – labor had started and things were becoming speedy. Jashley was on her way and knowing the family was in the best of hands, I put my phone on airplane mode and enjoyed the flight to Orlando.

Fast forward 2 hours and baby is here. Jashley didn’t even make it in time and dad + midwives almost didn’t either. It always amazes me how quickly the body can do miraculous things like push out a baby.

Even with how chaotic the birth was, Jashley did such a great job telling the story of those quiet hours afterwards and captured beautifully the first moments of this new family of 4.