Oh you guys – welcome to one of my favorite days in September. It was a whirlwind of a month and even though this birth was overnight, even though losing a day of rest isn’t something you recover well from, watching this family go from 2 to 3 was enough of a birth high to keep me awake and feeling the warm & fuzzies for days.

Jillian is now a friend and a long time photographer crush of mine. Her husband is also stupid talented so you know their baby is designed for artistic greatness, just you wait and see. I mean, any kid named Juniper Clementine is going places.

I am so grateful for the opportunity to 1) even be there for this birth day party and 2) that the Zamora’s would be so kind to let me share the experience with you. It’s one of my favorite ever, so grab the Kleenex and get comfy. September 20th was a good, good Sunday.