I am incredibly thankful for Malloree because 1) she let me sit in on one of the most beautiful and spirit-filled births I’ve ever experienced, and 2) for trusting me enough to allow me to step into the land of full video coverage for the first time.

I think photos tell stories beautifully – they are something you can make tangible and to be able to freeze moments is nothing short of magic in my book. But video! Every highlight video I have put together has pushed me towards the love of cinematography and how it can recall so specifically details from a day like this. Little Josiah’s birth was the first where I have only been responsible for video and the freedom and creativity I felt was more than I could have asked for as an artist telling stories like these.

Days like this remind me of the dream I’m living. As I was driving home, on one heck of a birth high, listening to Dwell by Tony Anderson and watching the snowflakes hit my windshield, my heart was the fullest it’s been in a while. It’s normally hard for me to find hope and life in the dead middle of a sunless winter but my good Father above, through the help of the Gray’s, sent plenty of warmth into my soul and I’ll rest in that moment for months to come.

Oh, to do what you love and love what you do.