The life of a birth photographer is a crazy one, for sure. Always prepared, always lugging around heavy equipment, always ALWAYS cancelling plans. But, the good news is there are sweet spots in the midst of the on-call business – scheduled birthdays. Great planning move for mama and birth photographer! We always chat at our meeting about how nice it will be to have birth day approaching, knowing we all have x amount of time before the little one arrives. I can clear my schedule for the day weeks in advance and devote everything to that family day of! Win win.

Even then though, life shows it’s unexpected ways through unexpected turning of babies, or whatever the reason for the change of plans. Birth photog life lesson #218391823718273: birth will forever and always be unpredictable.

Sweet baby Ford did a bunch of flipping before landing in the beloved breech position in his mama’s belly. The OR was booked and I was in my car immediately following an update from dad. Time to speed! And do it fast, if that’s even a thing (pretty sure in my world it is). After the rushing, it’s always a huge bummer to walk in to the OR to the sounds of a crying baby. Bittersweet, actually, because he was here! Everyone was happy and healthy and head over heals for that adorable little man.

Things don’t go as planned but who needs plans? We celebrate anyways.


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