21 birth day parties: 14 boys and 7 girls. 15 hospital births, 3 out of hospital, and 2 c-sections.

I cut back in 2016. I wish I could tell you it was this super deliberate business decision but life ran us over a little (a lot) and by the grace of God, A Sacred Project took a bit of a backseat to survival. But you know what? What a gift these days were in hard times. I talk often about the light that birth shines in the darkness and the stories this year were a beaming ray of hope into a heavy and grim 2016. I am thankful for that. So thankful.

Like many of you, I’m shaking off the dust of the past and stepping into 2017 with fresh eyes and open hands. There are many stories on the books already and there are many that I won’t know about until later. I’m going to meet new faces and say hello to old friends, step foot into new territory, push myself creatively, and continuing loving and being obsessed with what I get to do for a living.