I’m all cheesy smiles & teary eyes today. The new year feels get me every time but I can honestly say that after looking back over the year, it’s been one of the best yet with ASP.

15 girls. 9 boys. 6 mamas decided to keep the gender a secret until delivery, which is always the most fun.

5 c-sections. 4 home births. 4 birth center births. 11 hospital births.

I was at my first birth of the year on New Year’s day and spent half of my anniversary with a great family welcoming their first little guy. I spent an early morning driving from downtown Fort Worth to downtown Dallas for a back-to-back birth marathon with a perfectly-timed stop at Whole Foods in between. I learned the value of keeping protein-rich snacks in my go bag because hangry is a real thing, people. I drove hundreds of miles all over the metroplex and spent intimate, precious, sacred time with 24 wonderful families.

Thank you, to everyone who makes this possible – my clients who let me tell these stories,┬áthe encouragement, the sharing, the patience, and all the love. I couldn’t do this without of you so thank you thank you thank you.

Here’s to the best 2016 full of babies and great stories!